Other Projects

LRBN @Young Blood Gallery

Lady Rogue Business Network

Meeting at Young Blood Gallery, photo by Amy Herr

In November 2008, I realized that I was meeting SO many cool people through organizing rogueApron who ought to know each other. From our kickass volunteers, to the growers we work with — small business owners who pitched in to lend wares — Atlanta had so many people who really just ought to know each other! And so, just like that, the Lady Rogue Business was born. Today, we have a divergent 500 members!! We meet on a semi-monthly basis at rotating locations (hmm, sound familiar?!), and our meetups range from the practical (workshops) to the purely social (ice cream mixers!). If you are an Atlanta entrepreneur – or hope to be one some day – check us out at LadyRogueBIZ.ning.com or at Facebook.com/LadyRogueBIZ. (And yes, dudes come to our meetings.)


growBot Garden project @ Georgia Tech

Participants at our hands-on workshop brainstorm robotics technologies

September 2009, I decided to return to school to get my masters of digital media at Georgia Tech. I got lucky, and had the opportunity to work closely with a professor who was super-keen on getting involved with the local agricultural community. How could robots impact small-scale agriculture was the question I first posed in a project studio — fast forward a semester later, and we have an entire class devoted to putting together a participatory design workshop to answer that very question! The growBot Symposium generated some really nifty ideas – and we generated a whole lot more as guest artists with a two-week commission at 01SJ technology + arts biennial. For the latest news on the project, visit growBotGarden.com or Facebook.com/growBotGarden.

p.s. Easter Egg – I’m in both these shots.
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