Media & Blogger Guidelines

We kindly ask that members of the media and bloggers respect the project’s need for discretion. While it’s certainly possible to sleuth out the identities of folks who work on rogueApron events, we ask you to refrain from publishing such intrepid research.

Here’s some more guidelines:

Style Guide & Attribution

  • Our site is You can refer to us as “rogueApron” — not Rogue Apron, and please not Rouge!
  • You can quote any materials from this site — except where otherwise noted — as being written by “Lady Rogue.”
  • Our Flickr account has lots of great images that you are free to republish on your site. Some photographs were made by photographer friends of ours … please credit them. Email rogue. apron @ gmail .com if you have questions about attribution.

It’s not cool to …

  • Publish any identifying information about our locations, hosts, or staff without their explicit permission. So images featuring street addresses or the faces of our volunteers = no.
  • to write about our personal backgrounds, or those of our volunteers (unless they expressly give you permission)

Please remember that …

  • … we are a social dining project that is volunteer-run. We accept donations to help cover the costs of foodstuffs. We offer many participation options for folks who are short on cash.
  • … we strive to create experiential food experiences that help Atlantans connect with each other and their local foodsystems.
  • … we want to sever the link between food and commerce, and re-establish food as the cornerstone of community.