Club Fed

Originally published in The Atlantan magazine — larger images here and here.

Woot, woot! The November/December edition of Atlantan magazine is out, and rogueApron gets a shoutout! Check it online at, on pg. 108, or check the snaps below.

The text is hard to reproduce, so I typed it out here:

Since March 2008 Georgia Tech digital media grad student, “Lady Rogue” (she prefers to conceal her real name), has been staging quirky traveling dinners at farms and private gardens with themes ranging from Alice in Wonderland to a Great Depression breadline. The rogueApron ( underground dinners are as much Sixties-style happenings as food events, and a way to intersect with like-minded people in the manner of social media like Facebook. LadyRogue calls her club, which attracts a devoted group of socially conscious diner and often features random acts of kindness, like free pie giveaways, “the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me.”

rogueApron in Atlantan Magazine
rogueApron in Atlantan Magazine