When’s the Next Dinner?

Hey and Hi —

Whether you’re a longtime rogueApron supporter or you just caught wind of us via some nice press writeup, you likely share the same question: “When is the next dinner?”

I know! It’s been a while, and I feel bad because in a lot of ways I’ve kept saying “dinners are monthly” long after they stopped being monthly.

Some of you know that I’m juggling a few projects these days … finishing up my master’s degree, running the super awesome Lady Rogue Business Network, and the growBot Garden project here at Tech.

The food world has changed significantly since I cooked up the underground supperclub idea about three years back. At the time, I was recovering from an unwanted downsizing, running out of unemployment benefits, and really wondering when in the hell my luck was going to change. I used my very last check to float the funds for the first rogueApron dinner – a day after the tornado hit back in 2008 – and was so, so excited that we had 30 guests! Some of whom were strangers!

rogueApron grew faster than I could have imagined, with people popping out of the woodwork to volunteer. Tickets to events sold out in 8 minutes flat … it was surreal, flattering, and completely intoxicating. Today our mailing list is at an astonishing [LOOK -->] people long – the number still boggles my mind.

The food landscape in Atlanta has changed beyond recognition in the past few years – farm to table restaurants pop up left and right, while food trucks take to the streets and professionals turn to underground restaurants in order to make a name for themselves. Heck, even cable news networks throw mystery dinners!

Some days I wonder if rogueApron should be brought back to life.

And then I spot a super cool recipe and think to myself … YES!

Thanks for your patience all! Graduation is in MAY!!

p.s. If you’re doing something cool, fun, underground and food related, send me a note! And if you’d like to invite me to it, even better! rogue. apron @ gmail. com